• Welcome to the NEW staff website portal. This is merely an improvement of an old service that has been set up to give the Makererean Staff a simplified and unified online platform.


  • The new service will act as an identity for Staff members to the world i.e. associate the staff members to the institution (Makerere University).


  • The new service will associate the works, publications, events and any other site content of the Staff members to the institution


  • The new service will also Improve the discovery of the publications, articles and stories created by the Staff Members by aggregating all content for better discovery, ranking and optimization.


  • The new staff member portal is a dynamic website that allows Staff Members to create their own accounts. On approval by the Webmaster, the staff can easily populate his or her profile, Create a Blog, Create an archive of Publications, Upcoming events and share any of the above content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.