Being Informed [Knowledge Acquisition] - key to Fighting Cyber Security

Arthur Moses Opio's picture

Without a doubt when you aren't knowledgeable about something, you can be easily manipulated. We live in a time where there is great information flow over the media being it in print or digital format that is quite accessible on the smart phone you are holding right now.

Cyber Security is not something we can take lightly anymore because of the increased access to internet based services. Banks in Africa or Uganda per say have introduced the concept of online-banking, and this calls for being highly security conscious and also asking them about the risks and the confidence of the security of the online banking system. The digital world has made life so easy but it has come with a great amount of risks.

For this risks to be managed to a great level. There is a key word that many do not want to get a long with and that is the word knowledge. The people offering the services have to educate the clients/customers or users how to protect themselves, if this is not done, there is a haven for great cyber theft. People have to read more and acquire knowledge, they need to follow the growing trends and arm themselves before even a cyber attempt is made on them.

Parents also need to be tech savvy to be able to communicate with their children, but this is better done from an informed point of view. The risks that come with the pornographic sites are so damning to the children, the systems and the nation at large, you cannot give what you don't have so go online, use the to be able to get information as fast as possible, being informed could be the surest way to enable us implement systems, policies that can be for the greater good.