Following Technological Trends [Key to Being Informed on Latest technology and Mitigating Security Risks]

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The ICT world is a very engaging world, It is always evolving with the latest technologies, there are always new releases yet by the time the new ones have come in, the ones still being used have not be fully exploited.

Being an I.T professional, you are somehow placed in a place where someone expects you to know, yet sometimes you actually don't know. Take for example the whole issue of cyber security and how it has become a serious matter. If someone is naive, you are prone to be a victim just because you lack knowledge of what's going on. Bank Accounts have been hacked into, Email, Social Media accounts as well and this is because hackers who are always monitoring networks with vulnerabilities aren't asleep, they are looking for loop holes to exploit.

When Microsoft announced windows xp's end of support, this kind of news wasn't taken seriously yet it was true. I.T professionals who did not know were also caught an aware just because the flow of information wasn't reaching them or they weren't looking out for information as regards latest ICT trends. Many did not quite know what the IMPACT of support ending would entail. But this information was readily given by Microsoft. The biggest part of it all was that there would be no more security updates to an XP computer. See this link as it explains some more There were case scenarios where hackers exploited such computers and this cost the individuals or companies or institutions. Banks were affected as many run on XP especially for their ATMS. This link explains how HACKING ATMS: THE NEW WAVE OF MALWARE. see link

Social Engineering, Phisphing, spam, download links have become some of the easiest ways information is being stolen from individuals, they click links that take them to sites which will make them put their personal and bank information without their knowledge. People also receive mails about how one wants to give or share their fortune that their parents who have died left with them and they do this by asking for a bank account where they can deposit saying that that country is safe which is all a scam.

To beat these tricks, I.T professionals, Individuals of all social status that use the media, need to be informed, you can be informed by following trends online on twitter, facebook, Google + etc, follow authentic security agencies, I.T experts that give information about the latest threats, vulnerabilities and also advice on what should be done, when information comes through, share it so that it can reach as many people as possible in this way we help mitigate.. When someone isn't informed, they remain in darkness and they are deformed, they are ignorant and hackers know that those less informed are the weakest link.