Tweets don’t respond Blogs

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Don’t lecture me about Twitter being a micro-blogging site! It’s very disturbing and morally wrong for a revolutionary digital class of our country to reduce ourselves to mere social media rants. We need to respect those that spend time and pen down something long and well or not researched. This is not about the Twitter responses from my previous blogs, but it is something to do with fixing the entire behaviour on our internet. Well, I understand the scarcity and huge cost of data. But we should at least invest in authoritatively writing blogs in response to blogs. The problem I also find with such tweet responses to blogs is, they are used as a mockery and mere sarcasm. I will personally write a lengthy and well thought out blog to respond to that individual that pens down their opinion in a blog or news article. I also notice that many of us draft good Facebook posts and tweets. Why can’t we draw the same energy to publishing blogs on our already existing dormant blogs? Don’t respond to my blog in twitter threads because I won’t give you a broad response. I also realised that most people respond to blogs relying on the half-baked tweets and they will also rush to tweet without going back to read the blog. I will next week write another piece to justify the significance of blogging and why this social media excitement should not kill its beauty!!